Kyiv, New York

Zelenyy Borscht is a visual study that delves into the intricate realm of generative imagery, wherein existing and fabricated images from my personal family archive are recreated. This photo art project seeks to illuminate the complexities of our understanding of visual memory and the inherent absence that often accompanies it. By focusing on the ephemeral nature of recollection, Zelenyy Borscht aims to redefine our perceptions of reality and challenge the boundaries of what an image can truly represent.

Drawing inspiration from the blurred and faded recollections that occasionally populate our minds, this project navigates the enigmatic terrain where memory and imagination intersect. It explores the paradoxical nature of memory, where vivid moments from our past may become distorted, fragmented, or altogether fictionalized. By utilizing generative imagery techniques, Zelenyy Borscht breathes life into these indistinct fragments of memory, giving form to the intangible and illuminating the complexities of our cognitive perceptions.

Within the captivating visual world crafted by Zelenyy Borstch, morphed photographs emerge as gateways to contemplation. Each image becomes a vessel through which the audience is invited to question the nature of their own memories and the limitations of their personal archives. As the recreated images traverse the boundaries between reality and illusion, viewers are compelled to reflect upon the malleability of perception and the subjectivity of personal narrative.

Rooted in my Ukrainian background, Zelenyy Borscht draws upon my own memories and experiences, intertwining them with the broader exploration of visual memory. By reimagining moments from my childhood and family gatherings, I endeavor to reconstruct scenes that may have existed solely within the recesses of my mind. These images, simultaneously familiar and fantastical, challenge the veracity of our recollections and the power of images to shape our understanding of the past.

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