“I won’t be here this August” reflects on the relationship between a city and its human residents through our need to escape the noise, activity and overall madness of the space we live in.

Focusing particularly on the act of “vacationing”, the series explores our urge to escape towards remote locations where we try to de-bug, reconnect with nature, the landscapes and the locals of the now almost inhabited villages where many of us grew up. These photographs present the contrast between our need to document our “off” period by sharing images of our escape on social media and staying connected with a crowd while looking for a certain amount of isolation.

Subsequently, the series suggests to the reader to reflect on the effects an altered visual reality can cause on our society when considering notions such as “social envy”, “fomo” or “social anxiety”. The images invite the viewers to question our current relationship with technology, our visual environment and the understanding of what is real and what is not. “I won’t be here this August” presents a dialogue to reconsider our understanding of how reality looks like through a digital screen.